To ensure the commonality of the Hotel as well as guest safety and comfort, guests are asked to observe the following rules when visiting the Hotel.
The Hotel may refuse guests who do not comply with these rules from further lodging or use of Hotel facilities. In addition, you may be asked to pay for any damage to Hotel fixtures, equipment, and supplies (“Equipment”) that you cause.

  • ⑴ Guests are prohibited from using guestrooms for any purposes other than lodging without the Hotel’s permission.
  • ⑵ Do not use open flames for heating or cooking within the corridors or guestrooms.
  • ⑶Do not smoke outside the designated smoking areas in the Hotel to help prevent fires.
  • ⑷ Do not invite outsiders into the guestrooms and allow them to use the Equipment.
  • ⑸ Do not move Equipment within the Hotel or guestrooms from their designated locations without permission.
  • ⑹ Do not change or modify the current state of Equipment within the Hotel or guestrooms without permission.
  • ⑺ Do not bring the following into the Hotel:
  • a  Animals (including birds)
  • b  Items that give off foul odors
  • c  Excessively heavy objects
  • d  Guns, swords, or other weapons
  • e  Explosives, items that are flammable or easily ignited
  • ヘ  Any other items deemed to be a threat to the safety of other guests
  • ⑻ Do not shout, sing loudly, or make a commotion in the Hotel or guestrooms, or otherwise pose a nuisance or discomfort to other guests.
  • ⑼ Do not gamble or engage in activities that violate public order and morals in the Hotel or guestrooms.
  • ⑽ Do not distribute advertisements, sell merchandise, or ask for donations and signatures in the Hotel without the permission of the Hotel.
  • ⑾ We may refuse accommodations to those with illnesses that may cause discomfort or nuisance to other guests.
  • ⑿ Do not abandon personal belongings in the corridor or lobby.
  • ⒀ Photography shoots within the Hotel or guestrooms that may pose a nuisance to other guests is strictly prohibited.
  • ⒁ For meeting up with others, please use the lobby.
  • ⒂ We accept “No Housekeeping” requests for a maximum of two nights; however, for periods longer than two nights, we will clean the guestroom to maintain sanitary conditions, and ask for your cooperation when doing so.

Article 1. Scope of Application

The Accommodation Agreement and related agreements entered into by the Hotel and the staying Guest shall be in accordance with these Terms and Conditions; matters not stipulated in these Terms and Conditions shall be in accordance with the law and generally established customs.

  • 2. When the Hotel provides a special agreement within the scope permitted by laws and established customs, that special agreement shall take precedence over the preceding paragraph.

Article 2. Applying For an Accommodation Contract

Those who wish to apply for an accommodation contract with the Hotel shall submit the following items to the Hotel.

  • ⑴ The address, name, age, gender, nationality, and occupation of the Guest.
  • ⑵ The date(s) of the stay and the planned arrival time
  • ⑶ Accommodation fees (Generally based on the basic accommodation fees in Appendix 1.)
  • ⑷ Other items the Hotel deems necessary
  • 2. Should the Guest, during their stay at the Hotel, apply for an extension of their stay beyond the dates in Item 2 of the preceding paragraph, the Hotel shall treat the application as an application for a new Accommodation Agreement.
  • 3. The permission letter from tutor is asked to all hotel customer aged under 18 years old.

Article 3. Establishing the Accommodation Agreement

The Accommodation Agreement is established upon the Hotel’s acceptance of the application as per the preceding article. However, this shall not apply when the Hotel has proven that it has not accepted the application.

  • 2. When the Accommodation Agreement has been entered into as per the preceding paragraph, a deposit specified by the Hotel (up to three (3) days’ worth of the basic room rate for stays exceeding three (3) days) shall be paid by a date specified by the Hotel.
  • 3. An application fee shall first be allocated to the accommodation fees the Guest ultimately pays; when the provisions of Article 6 and Article 17 apply, the application fee will be allocated to the penalty fee, then to damages (in that order). Any remaining balance shall be refunded when paying fees under the provisions of Article 11.
  • 4. The Accommodation Agreement shall cease to be effective if the Guest fails to pay the application fee set forth in Paragraph 2 by the date designated by the Hotel. However, this is limited to cases in which the Hotel notifies the Guest that a application fee payment deadline has been specified.

Article 4. Special Agreements Not Requiring Application Fees

Notwithstanding the provisions of Paragraph 2 of the preceding article, the Hotel may accept special agreements that do not require the payment of application fees after the agreement is entered into.

  • 2. In the event that the Hotel does not accept payment of application fees set forth in Paragraph 2 of the preceding article or does not specify a deadline for application fee payment when accepting an application for an Accommodation Agreement, it shall be treated as the special agreement set forth in the preceding paragraph.

Article 5. Rejection of Accommodation Agreements

The Hotel may reject applications for Accommodation Agreements in the following cases.

  • ⑴ When the accommodation application violates these Terms and Conditions
  • ⑵ When guestrooms are fully booked
  • ⑶ When the applicant is likely to be involved in activities that violate the law, public order, or public morals.
  • ⑷ When the applicant is a member of or associated with an organized crime group specified under the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members" (Act No. 77 of 1991) (referred to hereinafter as “Organized Crime Group” and “Organized Crime Member”).
  • ⑸ When the applicant belongs to a corporation or other organization whose business is controlled by an Organized Crime Group or Organized Crime Member.
  • ⑹ When any of the directors of the applicant’s corporation fall under the category of Organized Crime Member.
  • ⑺ When the applicant’s behavior poses a significant nuisance to other guests.
  • ⑻ When the applicant makes intimidating and unreasonable demands, including violence, threats, or extortion against the Hotel or its staff (employees), or when the applicant makes demands that go beyond reason, and/or when the applicant engages in any behavior deemed similar.
  • ⑼ When the applicant clearly has a contagious illness
  • ⑽ When the Hotel is unable to accommodate guests due to natural disaster, facility malfunction, or other unavoidable circumstances.
  • ⑾ When the applicant is drunk or otherwise likely to cause nuisance to other guests.
  • ⑿ When the applicant does not comply with these Terms and Conditions, nor with the cancellation and payment policies during reservation.

Article 6. Cancellation of the Accommodation Agreement

Guests may cancel the Accommodation Agreement by placing a request with the Hotel.

  • 2. In the event that all or part of the Accommodation Agreement is cancelled for reasons attributable to the Guest (excluding cases where the Hotel specifies the application fee payment deadline as per Article 3 (2) and the Guest cancels the Accommodation Agreement prior to this deadline), the Hotel shall charge a penalty in accordance with the provisions listed in Appendix 2. However, if the Hotel has accepted a special agreement as defined in Article 4 Clause 1, Guest is obliged to pay a penalty for cancelling the Accommodation Agreement only when the Hotel has notified the Guest.
  • 3. If the Guest does not arrive by 10:00 pm on the date of their stay (if the Guest has specified an arrival time, then two hours after that) the Hotel will deem this a cancellation of the Accommodation Agreement on the part of the Guest and treat it as such.

Article 7. The Hotel’s Right to Cancel Agreements

The Hotel may cancel the Accommodation Agreement in the following cases.

  • ⑴ When there has been a request for clarification of matters set forth in Article 2 (1) and these matters are not clarified by the deadline.
  • ⑵ When there has been a request for application fee payment set forth in Article 3 (2) and this payment is not made by the deadline.
  • ⑶ When items (3) to (11) of Article 5 apply.
  • ⑷ When the Guest does not follow the Hotel rules regarding smoking in the guestroom, playing with firefighting equipment, etc.
  • ⑸ When the Guest has violated the stipulations in these Terms and Conditions
  • 2. When the Hotel cancels the Accommodation Agreement as per the stipulations of the preceding paragraph, the Guest will not be charged for accommodation services not yet provided.

Article 8. Registering Accommodation

Guests are required to register the following information at the front desk of the Hotel on the day of their stay.

  • ⑴ The name, age, gender, address, and occupation of the Guest
  • ⑵ For foreign guests: passport number, place of entry, and date of entry.
  • ⑶ Departure date and planned departure time.
  • ⑷ Other items the Hotel deems necessary.

Article 9. Hours for Staying Guests

Guests may use guestrooms at the Hotel from 3:00 pm to 11:00 am the following day. However, for extended days, Guests may use the guestroom for the entire day, excluding arrival and departure dates.

  • 2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the Hotel may allow Guests to use guestrooms outside the hours specified in the preceding paragraph. An extension fee will be charged in such cases.

Article 10. Compliance with Hotel Rules

Guests must follow the rules stipulated by the Hotel and posted within the Hotel when visiting.

Article 11. Payment of Fees

The breakdown of accommodation fees that the Guest must pay and the calculation method are shown in Appendix 1.

  • 2. Payment of the accommodation charges and taxes shall be made at the front desk at the time of your arrival or when requested by the hotel, using accommodation coupons and credit cards.
  • 3. The hotel owns the responsability to provided a room to the guest, therefore accommodation charges shall be charged even if the guest voluntarily did not stay at the hotel.

Article 12. Hotel Liability

The Hotel shall compensate any damages to the Guest arising from failure to execute the Accommodation Agreement and any related agreements. However, this shall not apply when the reason is not attributable to the hotel.

  • 2. The Hotel’s liability regarding accommodations starts when the Guest registers at the front desk and ends when the Guest vacates the guestroom for departure.
  • 3. The Hotel is enrolled in hotel liability insurance in the event of fire or other disasters.

Article 13. When the Hotel is Unable to Provide Guestrooms as Per the Agreement

If the Hotel is unable to provide a guestroom as agreed upon with the Guest, the Hotel shall, with the consent of the Guest, strive to help find other accommodations with similar conditions, to the extent that this is possible.

  • 2. Notwithstanding the stipulations of the preceding paragraph, if the Hotel is unable to find other accommodations, the Hotel will pay compensation equivalent to the penalty fee to the guests, and this compensation shall be allotted to damages. However, if the failure to provide a guestroom is for reasons not attributable to the Hotel, the Hotel will not pay compensation.

Article 14. Handling of Deposits

Loss or damage to items, cash, or valuables guests have stowed at the front desk shall be compensated by the Hotel, except when caused by force majeure. However, for cash and valuables, if the Guest fails to declare their type and value when asked to do so by the Hotel, the Hotel will compensate for damages up to 50,000 JPY.

  • 2. Loss or damage to items, cash, or valuables brought into the hotel but not stowed at the front will only be compensated when such loss or damage is caused by the willful misconduct or negligence of the Hotel. However, if the Guest has not declared the type and value of the items in advance, the Hotel will compensate for damages up to 50,000 JPY.
  • 3. Items such as works of art or antiques cannot be stowed at the front desk.

Article 15. Storing Guest Baggage and Personal Belongings

If a Guest’s baggage arrives before its owner, it shall be stored at the Hotel’s responsibility and handed over to the Guest at check-in only when the Hotel has accepted to do so in advance.

  • 2. If a Guest’s baggage or personal belongings are left at the Hotel after the Guest has checked out and the owner can be identified, the Hotel shall contact the owner and ask for instructions. However, if the owner fails to provide instructions or cannot be identified, the Hotel shall store the item for seven (7) days starting from the day the item was found, then submit it to the nearest police station. Note that food and drink, cigarettes, magazines, and other items that are detrimental to sanitary conditions will be disposed of immediately.
  • 3. Hotel liability for storing Guest baggage or personal belongings shall be in accordance with Paragraph 1 of the preceding article in the case of Paragraph 1 and with Paragraph 2 in the case of the preceding paragraph.

Article 16. Parking Liability

When the Guest uses Hotel parking, the Hotel is simply lending the space and is not responsible for managing the vehicle, regardless of whether the Guest has deposited the keys with the Hotel.

Article 17. Guest Liability

The Guest shall compensate the Hotel for any damages caused to the Hotel through the Guest’s willful misconduct or gross negligence.

Appendix 1. Breakdown of Accommodation Fees (Related to Article 2 (1), Article 3 (2), and Article 11 (1))

Total amount to be paid by the Guest Accommodation fee Basic accommodation fee (room rate)
Extra charges Other usage fees
Tax Consumption tax


  • 1. When tax laws are revised, the revised version shall apply.
  • 2. The basic accommodation fees are based on the list of fees posted at the front desk or on the website.
  • 3. If the Hotel announces a basic accommodation fee that differs from the fee lists posted at the front desk or on the website and enters into an Accommodation Agreement based on this fee, then the basic accommodation fee shall be the fee announced.

Appendix 2: Penalty Fees (Related to Article 6 (2))

The date the cancellation was made No show Same day One day before
Penalty Rates 100% 80% 20%


  • 1. Percentages listed are the ratio of the penalty fee to the accommodation fee.
  • 2. If the length of the stay is shortened from the original agreement, the Hotel will charge a penalty of one day (the first day) regardless of the number of days shortened.
  • 3. If an agreement for a group (15 guests or more) is cancelled, no penalty will be charged for the number of guests up to 10% (rounded to the nearest whole number) ten days prior to the date of the stay (or the date of acceptance if the application is received after that date).
  • 4. If the Hotel notifies the Guest of a cancellation policy that differs from that contained in these Terms and Conditions when the Guest applies for an Accommodation Agreement, then that cancellation policy shall take precedence.